Lonestar Stucco and Stone



Many stucco contractors change crews on a regular basis. Lone Star Stucco and Stone is very proud to say that our highly skilled crews have been with us for many years. Our construction superintendents will visit your job site on a regular basis. From pre-construction meetings to final punch, they are totally involved with each project that we do. They work with our on-site foreman, owners, and builders to ensure that each job is completed on time and with the highest quality standards possible. 

 Many stucco companies are happy to complete your project, but when you contact them for a customer service issue they suddenly forget that you were a customer. Lone Star Stucco and Stone has been an industry leader in customer service. Our highly skilled repair technicians have been working with us for many years. Our superintendents will gladly go back to a completed job and deal with any problems that may come up. We want your business in the future. We want you to tell your associates and friends about us. That’s why Lone Star Stucco and Stone will continue to remember our customers and respond to their needs or questions. 

 Based on our extensive experience, Lone Star Stucco and Stone is confident we will be able to meet and exceed your expectations and complete your projects in a timely and satisfactory manner. We are trained in and approved applicators of conventional stucco, EIFS, and specialty finishes. Our estimating department is ready to provide you with everything from preliminary budgets to a final hard bid to help in the bidding process. We have built a reputation for excellence and have built our business on establishing long term relationships with positive growth every year by providing the best quality with the best price. We are constantly searching for and implementing the newest advances in our trade and keep up with industry trends/changes and are up to date on the latest code changes.